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Kelly Kubrick, owner of Online Authority and Internet strategy consultant, has worked with more than eighty private sector companies since 2002. Prior to that, Kelly was Director of eCommerce Development with Time Inc., Time Warner’s publishing division in New York.

While with Time Warner, she served as a member of multiple corporate task forces on initiatives such as joint Time Inc.–America Online Marketing, online customer service and email marketing. Kelly holds an MBA from NYU and serves on the board of directors of her family business.

Kelly Kubrick has the perspective you need having consulting with companies across more than twenty industries including publishing, retail, construction, manufacturing, technology, services, education, financial services and health.

For private sector companies, Online Authority specializes in the following areas:

In addition, Online Authority offers a variety of classroom training courses and develops custom Internet marketing training courses for employees or partners.

A sample list of Online Authority’s private sector clients includes:

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