How to advertise on Google

For marketing and communications professionals, social media and email marketers. Practical, hands-on training to empower your organization to make the most of its digital advertising investment.

Using your organization’s Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account, we teach you how to create, target and post ads on Google. Specifically designed for those expected to run ads, this course is taught from an advertising, marketing and communications perspective.

  • Create Google Ads

    Learn how to create Google ads – search vs shopping vs video vs display – and about the placements – content vs search vs discovery networks that are available to you (and how they are constantly evolving).

  • Target Google Ads

    Delve into Google’s myriad targeting options by establishing campaign hierarchies narrowed by geography, language, and ad or product groups or demographics or interests. Consider creating Audiences by linking your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts and leverage Google’s retargeting features.

  • Post Google Ads

    Get ready to activate your campaign with final budget decisions, visible vs destination URLS, auto-tagging your URLS to track performance and conversions with conversion tags.

By the end of the course, your teams will:

Understand key Google Ads concepts such Campaigns vs Ad Groups or Products Groups, Ads, In-Stream vs Discoverability;

Easily navigate Google Ads campaign hierarchy: campaigns, Ad Groups (or Product Groups) and ads;

Understand how Google’s campaign objectives can impact pricing and budgeting;

Know how to use the Keyword Planner Tool to initiate keyword research, and organize the results to be actionable;

Differentiate what insights are available in Google Ads reporting vs Google Ads reports in your Google Analytics (and ensure that the accounts are indeed linked – a critical step you don’t want to miss).

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    Thank you Kelly! Yesterday was an EYE opener. I had a review with my boss this morning and all your suggestions will be put into action…and now I can have time during my day to get up to speed!

    D.S., Webmaster

    Hi Kelly – thanks so much. I love that you make analytics fun!

    Course Attendee

    I received great feedback on yesterday’s session with you: the team thought the training was really valuable, they clearly have an appetite for it and really loved your training style.

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    Is it right for my organization?

    Online Authority’s instructors are experienced digital analysts and practitioners with deep knowledge of Google’s product suite. Established in 2002, Online Authority has worked with more than 200 organizations across North America and has been a proud member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) since 2006.

    Online Authority has the experience your organization needs to tackle its paid search and shopping challenges.

    How to advertise on Facebook is taught by Kelly Kubrick. Kelly has been a digital media buyer since 2005, running paid advertising campaigns on

    • Google since 2005;
    • LinkedIn since 2011 and
    • Facebook since 2015;

    Proving her media buying and analytics chops, Kelly has completed certifications in

    • Google Ads Fundamentals, Google Shopping Ads, Advanced Social Advertising (Hootsuite);
    • Is certified as a Google Analytics Power User and certified under the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test program;
    • Has worked with Google Analytics since its launch in 2005 its previous iteration, Urchin, before that;
    • Has completed “Google Tag Manager Fundamentals” training provided by the Google Analytics Academy; and
    • Holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University. (NYU).

    How does it work?

    We bring customized training to you – highly personalized sessions that are designed to meet your needs, in your office, on your schedule.

    We offer a host of off-the-shelf courses – any of which can also be customized – that have been designed by Online Authority for maximum impact.

    Practical advice, straightforward success. That’s what we offer.

    How much does it cost?

    $5,625.00 plus tax per one-day session, up to a maximum of fifteen participants, plus tax (where applicable) and instructor’s travel expenses, if the training is delivered outside of Ottawa, Canada.

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