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Why digital analytics?

Data is a critical output of your organization’s digital efforts, but digital analytics reports remain undervalued. Why? Because extracting insight from the avalanche of big data is like extracting gems from rock.

You need unique tools, blended skill sets and a tolerance for investment in people, technology and and process improvement. But the payoff is worth it.

Moving your organization to evidence-based decision making is what will set your organization apart in our knowledge economy. How can digital analytics training help? The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) offers the following:

Digital analytics is “the science of analysis using data to understand historical patterns with an eye to improving performance and predicting the future. The analysis of digital data refers to information collected in interactive channels. Digital Analytics has become an integral part of core business strategies and maintaining a competitive edge.”

Through digital analytics training, Online Authority can help your teams understand who is visiting your digital properties – your web site, blog, mobile app, social media profiles and email archives – where visitors are coming from, what content they are consuming and what actions they are taking. These unique insights will help drive your organization’s efforts to succeed online.

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Online Authority has been a proud member of the DAA since 2006

Hear from our clients

The training reinforced what I was doing and gave me ideas on how to improve it. I thought it was great for uninformed as well as existing users.

Course Attendee

We came away yesterday with a good idea of where we would like to go with GA; it was definitely time well spent.

J.O., Communications and Marketing

Worth every dollar we spent!

Manager, Web

Thank you! I have had great feedback and everyone is eager to go.

C.R., Merchandising and Site Experience Manager, Ecommerce

Thank you Kelly! Yesterday was an EYE opener. I had a review with my boss this morning and all your suggestions will be put into action…and now I can have time during my day to get up to speed!

D.S., Webmaster

Hi Kelly – thanks so much. I love that you make analytics fun!

Course Attendee

I received great feedback on yesterday’s session with you: the team thought the training was really valuable, they clearly have an appetite for it and really loved your training style.

Course Attendee

Thanks so much for coming down to our office and getting us up to speed – everyone now feels like we have the knowledge we need to get our reporting the way we need it.

T.B., Online Marketing Manager
Canadian Heritage
Stryker Media Group Inc.
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club
Canadian Conservation Institute
Statistics Canada
National Arts Centre
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
Real Decoy
Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)
Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA)
RCMP Foundation
Department of National Defence

Online Authority delivers highly personalized sessions designed to meet your organization’s training needs. All courses are delivered at your location and on your schedule. Simple and convenient. We don’t have to brag about our customer service – it’s in everything that we do.

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