Learn Webtrends

For marketing and communications professionals, business analysts, social media and email marketers and website content authors / producers. Practical, hands-on training to empower your organization to make the most of its digital investment.

Using your Webtrends reports, we teach you how to access, interpret and act on your data. Specifically designed for end users, we teach this course from a marketing, communications and business analyst’s perspective.

  • Access your reports

    Learn how to access and navigate your Webtrends reports, where to find valuable, hidden features, and how to use its embedded analysis tools to uncover critical insights.

  • Interpret your data

    Establish reporting priorities and learn how to interpret your Webtrends reports to better measure the effectiveness of your digital efforts.

  • Take action

    Should you improve your content’s visibility in search? Should you develop campaign tracking frameworks for email marketing, social media or paid advertising? Should you enable advanced features such as SmartView, Scenario Analysis or custom reports?

By the end of the course, your teams will:

Understand key Webtrends concepts such as consoles, profiles and filters;

Easily navigate the reporting interface, including dashboards, the calendar, exporting options and where to get access to helpful resources;

Learn which reports are standard versus advanced and custom (require technical implementation) reports;

Determine which Webtrends reports are most (and least) useful to your expected outcomes; and

Establish reporting priorities so your team members know where to focus their time.

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    Excellent session, great presentation. Very interesting.

    Course Attendee

    The training reinforced what I was doing and gave me ideas on how to improve it. I thought it was great for uninformed as well as existing users.

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    Worth every dollar we spent!

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    Is this course right for my organization?

    Established in 2002, Online Authority has the experience your organization needs to tackle its digital analytics challenges. We have been a proud member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) since 2006.

    Our instructors are digital analysts and practitioners with deep knowledge of Webtrends. Learn Webtrends is taught by Kelly Kubrick. With over fifteen years experience as a web and digital analyst, Kelly

    • Has worked with Webtrends product versions since 2003;
    • Served on the Advisory Board of McMaster University’s Web Analytics Program;
    • Developed content for and served as an instructor of the University of San Francisco’s Advanced Digital Analytics program; and
    • Served on the Audit team of the DAA Course Enhancement and Education Committee for the Award of Achievement in Web Analytics at the University Of British Columbia
    Digital Analytics Association (DAA) logo

    Online Authority has been a proud member of the DAA since 2006

    How does it work?

    We bring customized training to you – highly personalized sessions that are designed to meet your needs, in your office, on your schedule.

    We offer a host of off-the-shelf courses – any of which can also be customized – that have been designed by Online Authority for maximum impact.

    Practical advice, straightforward success. That’s what we offer.

    How much does it cost?

    $5,625.00 plus tax per one-day session (up to a maximum of fifteen participants), plus instructor’s travel expenses if the training is delivered outside of Ottawa, Canada.

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