Mapping Digital Maturity™ Workshop

For those responsible for articulating and planning their organization’s digital strategy.

Practical, hands-on training that empowers your organization to make the most of its digital investment.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to rate your organization’s digital maturity against the Six Dimensions of Digital Maturity™, using the dStrategy Digital Maturity Model™ business planning framework.

The result? A visual road map – a maturity map – to help you picture your organization’s path forward into digital maturity. Most importantly, the simplicity and clarity of your organization’s unique digital maturity map provides everyone in your organization with a common starting point to:

  • Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your digital processes today

  • Set digital priorities in the immediate and medium term

  • Articulate your digital plans for the future

By the end of the course, you will:

Plot a visual map of your organization’s digital maturity

Interpret the results of your digital maturity map

Identify opportunities and threats uncovered by the mapping process

Articulate the implications of your organization’s rating

Assess your place and position of influence within your organization to affect progression of your organization’s digital maturity

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    The workshop exceeded my expectations.

    Workshop Participant

    Enabled us to benchmark with other institutions and gave us practical tools.

    Workshop Participant

    Loved how discussions were used as learning.

    Workshop Participant

    Provides a way to ensure prioritization discussions are based on facts instead of "I think's".

    Workshop Participant

    We are in the process of reorganizing teams to support digital marketing and the workshop exercises will be useful in helping us focus on where we lack maturity.

    Workshop Participant

    Extremely helpful in getting a clearer perspective on our organization's challenges and opportunities.

    Workshop Participant

    I recommended that other members of my team attend.

    Workshop Participant

    A fresh perspective and a great way to open dialogue with people from other organizations.

    Workshop Participant

    Valuable outcomes, engaging session, successful format. Thank you!

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    Is it right for my organization?

    Your workshop instructor is Kelly Kubrick, President of Online Authority and Vice President and Partner of dStrategy Media, producers of Digital Strategy Conference.

    Launched in 2013, Digital Strategy Conference and Workshops were created to help organizations get strategic with digital.

    Kelly co-authored the dStrategy Digital Maturity Model, which lies at the core foundation of the Mapping Digital Maturity Workshop.

    With over fifteen years’ experience in the digital realm, your instructor Kelly Kubrick’s online expertise stems from

    How does it work?

    If you are interested in holding the workshop at your organization for your employees, we offer a corporate training version of the workshop, scheduled at your convenience and preferred location.

    How much does it cost?

    $5,625.00 plus tax per one-day session (up to a maximum of fifteen participants), plus instructor’s travel expenses if the workshop is delivered outside of Ottawa, Canada.

    Can we answer any other questions?

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      Kelly KubrickMapping Digital Maturity™ Workshop