Learn Digital Maturity

Practical, actionable Mapping Digital Maturity™ workshop from the Co-Founder and Chair of Digital Strategy Conference

Is your organization ready to meet the challenges of digital?

This workshop provides a business planning framework as well as practical tools to help you assess - and visualize - your organization's current level of digital readiness.

Mapping Digital Maturity™ Workshop

Designed to help organizations stay relevant, competitive and resilient, this workshop introduces you to the dStrategy Digital Maturity Model™, a business planning tool to help organizations assess their digital maturity.

Mapping Digital Maturity™ Corporate Training

Training delivered at your office, scheduled at your convenience. Full day workshop designed to engage attendees in a discussion – and undertake an assessment of your organization’s digital capacity across the Six Dimensions of Digital Maturity.

Why Digital Readiness?

Organizations are under increasing pressure to implement their digital strategy. Yet most organizations have yet to even articulate their digital strategy, let alone put it into action. How can we close that gap?

Schedule Learn Mapping Digital Maturity Workshop™ and engage your organization in a practical discussion about your organization’s digital direction.

Instructed by Kelly Kubrick, Co-Founder and Chair of Digital Strategy Conference and President of Online Authority, Kelly teaches attendees to assess their organization against the Six Dimensions of Digital Maturity™. Take this opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can determine the best path forward.

Extremely useful as I am going through the process of transforming my team. It validated and exposed me to issues I wasn’t aware of, or had minimized.

Workshop Participant

Hear from Mapping Digital Maturity Workshop Attendees

Loved how discussions were used as learning.

Workshop Participant

Provides a way to ensure prioritization discussions are based on facts instead of "I think's".

Workshop Participant

We are in the process of reorganizing teams to support digital marketing and the workshop exercises will be useful in helping us focus on where we lack maturity.

Workshop Participant

Extremely helpful in getting a clearer perspective on our organization's challenges and opportunities.

Workshop Participant

I recommended that other members of my team attend.

Workshop Participant

A fresh perspective and a great way to open dialogue with people from other organizations.

Workshop Participant

Valuable outcomes, engaging session, successful format. Thank you!

Workshop Participant

Great for benchmarking our own efforts.

Workshop Participant

Extremely useful as I am going through the process of transforming my team. It validated and exposed me to issues I wasn't aware of, or had minimized.

Workshop Participant
Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation
Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)
BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC)
Brookstreet Hotel
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Library and Archives Canada
Mr. Lube
Service Canada
The Ottawa Hospital
Parks Canada
Privy Council Office (PCO)
City of Richmond
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Simon Fraser University
United Way Ottawa
Tourism Yukon

We look forward to working with you!

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