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Webinar: DAA Thought Leader Conversation with June Li

by Kelly Kubrick on December 21, 2018

Webinar: January 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm ET

Please join me, Kelly Kubrick, online as I have a great time moderating the “ABCs of Establishing Credibility”, a Digital Analytics Association‘s (DAA) Thought Leader Conversation with June Li, brought to you by WiA (Women in Analytics).

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Webinar title: DAA Thought Leader Conversation with June Li brought to you by WiA: ABCs of Establishing Credibility

Join June Li, Founder & Managing Director of ClickInsight, for her thought leader conversation, ABCs of Establishing Credibility, facilitated by Kelly Kubrick, owner of Online Authority, open to all DAA members. A frequent frustration voiced by analysts and consultants is that their recommendations are ignored. Action is not taken. Although communication is part of the equation, even if you are crystal clear, if you do not have credibility, nothing will happen.

During this event, you will:

  1. See why credibility is more than credentials and experience.
  2. Understand how to establish credibility as an analyst, a leader and a consultant.
  3. Learn the simple rules for establishing, maintaining and growing credibility.

June-Li HeadshotJune Li is Founder and Managing Director of ClickInsight, a digital analytics specialist consultancy. A recognized expert in Digital Analytics and Certified Web Analyst, June has spoken at eMetrics, clickZ and Canadian Marketing Association conferences. An instructor at the University of Toronto, she has worked with DAA for over 10 years, helping create the online Digital Analytics Course Program with the University of British Columbia, and teaching DAA Essentials workshops. She has co-chaired the DAA’s Certification Board and helped found the DAA Toronto Local Chapter. In 2018, June was a finalist in the Difference Maker category for DAA’s Quantie Awards.

DAA Experience Level: All levels
Certified Web Analyst (CWA) Professional Development Units: 1

This event was made possible by the WiA sponsors Blast Analytics & Marketing and Tealium.

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Updated: This event is now available as a recording; register here to view it on GoToWebinar.

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Kelly KubrickWebinar: DAA Thought Leader Conversation with June Li

Spur Event Registrations using Facebook advertising

by Kelly Kubrick on November 16, 2018

Campaign Objectives

The RCMP Foundation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police‘s charitable arm, sought registrants for its first-ever online horse auction. Those same registrants were also welcome to participate in a sister event, an in-person horse auction: “See inside the RCMP Foundation’s horse auction” from CBC News.

The Plan

In advance of the campaign launch, the RCMP Foundation developed English and French landing pages announcing details for each auctions, and encouraging visitors to register to bid on any of the 30+ magnificent Hanovarian horses available for sale.

Where digital fit

In addition to securing traditional media coverage including PR and advertising in horse industry magazines, see examples below:

and publishing organic social media content and distributing email newsletters, the RCMP Foundation approved a paid media advertising buy on Facebook.

While researching potential audiences to target on Facebook, Online Authority oversaw the technical implementation needed for a Facebook advertising campaign as undertaken by the RCMP Foundation’s agency:

Following that, in the client’s Facebook Ad account, Online Authority created targeted Website Custom Audiences (WCA) based on past buyer lists and website visitors. Online Authority also developed necessary naming conventions for Google Analytics UTM tracking codes to track the impact of email efforts vs the Facebook ad buy.

In its research, Online Authority identified 65 possible target audiences within Facebook for review and approval by the client. Those were narrowed to 23 optimal choices for launch. Online Authority created each as unique Facebook Ad Sets in order to monitor the performance of each audience against one another.

As the landing page continue to evolve, Online Authority finalized the paid media creative, including copy treatment, and the campaign was activated. Below are three sample placements of the creative that ran, and some of the response generated:

RCMP Foundation Horse Auction sample Facebook Ads

Campaign Results

All 23 ad sets launched simultaneously and performance of each was monitored on a daily basis. Within one week, the ad sets were narrowed to the top performers.

By the number of auction registrants, the approach proved so successful that the campaign was paused at the two-week of a planned six-week campaign. The best news for this fundraising effort? Further, all horses were sold with revenue targets exceeded.

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook advertising, contact Online Authority today.

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Kelly KubrickSpur Event Registrations using Facebook advertising