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Webinar: Spur Tourism Event Registrations using Facebook Advertising

by Kelly Kubrick on September 17, 2019

Upcoming Webinar: October 3rd, 2019 at 2PM EST

Please join me, Kelly Kubrick, online at for a one-hour webinar:

Webinar title: Spur Tourism Event Registrations using Facebook Advertising

In this fast paced session Kelly Kubrick will show you, with real life examples, how to enhance the experience of attendees at live events by pairing it with a digital equivalent. Your advertising campaign objectives should include securing attendees to either or both events. In this real life case study, learn:

  • The inventory and necessary interplay of digital marketing assets – web, Facebook & email – you’ll need prior to your Facebook advertising campaign launch;
  • 3 critical audience segment you should organize your Facebook media spend by;
  • Key advance actions needed to coordinate the IRL (‘in-real-life’) and digital teams; and
  • How to put content to work to anticipate campaign impact prior to, during and post launch.

Creative for organic Facebook posts for the RCMP Horse Auction 2018

Learn more about this amazing event here:

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook advertising, contact Online Authority today.

Kelly Kubrick

Digital Analyst and President of Online Authority; COO of MyLiberty.Life; co-author Six Dimentions of Digital Maturity Model; co-founder Digital Strategy Conference; co-owner 3rd generation family business. Downhill Skier. Foodie. Fan of all things digital.

Kelly KubrickWebinar: Spur Tourism Event Registrations using Facebook Advertising

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